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Things I’ve Learned So Far

As we all know, social media generally only shows the good parts of peoples’ lives. You see those beautiful beaches and tanned smiles. What you don’t see on social media is annoying jellyfish stings or people struggling to figure out how to use a thai washing machine at a laundromat. You don’t see those injuries or lessons in common sense, but you sure do experience them.

Here are some things I’ve learned so far in my new life in Thailand :

  • The fast lane in Thailand is the right hand lane, and people will let you know about it if you’re going too slow.
  • Thai people like to keep their money crisp, not crumpled
  • Expats can be kind of weird (that’s a whole other story in itself ).
  • Don’t hand a Thai vendor a 1,000 baht note that you got straight from the ATM. Get smaller bills for your 40 baht meal.
  • If you’re getting a Thai massage, expect an older Thai lady to hastily help you get undressed.
  • Expect to get pulled over by the Thai police if you’re a white person. If you don’t have your international driver permit, you WILL get fined (whoops…)
  • If you walk into a job interview for an English tutor position, and you speak English, you will probably start the job the next day. (By the way, I got a job!)
  • People here are incredibly trusting.
  • Expect tremendous amounts of hospitality from the Thai people.
  • Listen to your gut.
  • You’re going to get lonely.
  • You’re going to wonder if you’re in way over your head.
  • No matter how scary or strange things may be, they’re going to work out.

I’ve sure had my fair share of awkward and uncomfortable moments here so far. I try my best to laugh them off and embrace them. Thankfully, I’ve had plenty of help from friends and strangers to help me along the way (thank you, man at the laundromat). There’s no place I’d rather mess up than among the gracious and friendly people of Thailand. So here’s to many more mistakes!


One thought on “Things I’ve Learned So Far

  1. Thanks for the tips,they will come in handy real soon. All your pictures are great! Glad you are safe, happy and having an amazing time!


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