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New Country, New Name, Same Blog

It’s finally time to bring this blog back to life! In exactly two weeks, I’ll be in my new home – Taipei, Taiwan. I had no idea that this is where I’d end up, but I’m excited to start my new adventure.

To give you a sense of where I’ll be, Taiwan is a little island located off the coast of mainland China. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is well known for its supertall skyscraper, The Taipei 101. Since I don’t have any pictures of my own, I’ve included a map of the area and a picture of The Taipei 101.

Taipei, Taiwan. The tall, funky looking skyscraper on the left is called The Taipei 101

As you can see, I changed the URL and title of my blog to something a little more apt for my situation. At this point in time, I plan to be in Taiwan for at least a year. Seeing how last year went, however, who knows where I’ll be year from now.

I’ve never actually been to Taiwan, aside from a few layovers in the Taipei airport. This adds a new dimension of the unknown, which causes an understandable level of nervousness. That being said, my excitement for what’s to come overshadows this nervousness.

After a 20 hour flight, I’ll be quarantined in a designated quarantine hotel for 16 days. During this time, I won’t be able to leave my room under any circumstances. I was lucky enough to find a hotel room with a balcony, so I’ll at least have access to fresh air. I can’t say that I’m all that upset about not having to do anything for two weeks, though.

About a year ago today, things were beginning to shut down around the world. People were getting nervous, but I was still in Thailand. Little did I know, I’d be back in American within the month.

The year 2020 was nothing like what anyone had expected it to be. People’s lives, plans, and dreams were put on hold. We still don’t seem to have the luxury of having any sense of normalcy. When one situation dies down, another one rises. This past year has proven to us that nothing is promised and that not everything will go as planned.

I’m so excited to start my new adventure and to share it with you!


One thought on “New Country, New Name, Same Blog

  1. Wow, awesome! With your 2 weeks you can plan on what to do & see in Taiwan and how to get around. Can’t wait to see your pics!


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